762. A Hunting Lesson – Jacques Drouin


SUMMARY: When a man rumoured to be a former big-game hunter moves in near an impressionable young boy’s family, the boy can’t wait to meet him and learn to hunt. But he learns a different kind of lesson instead.

WHY IT’S HERE: Jacques Drouin’s pinscreen animation ‘A Hunting Lesson’, based on the story by Canadian author Jacques Godbout, is a lovely and humane little film about a boy who idolises a former big-game hunter who has lost his taste for blood. Divided into five short acts across thirteen minutes, ‘A Hunting Lesson’ shows how the young boy is fascinated by the hunter and his profession but becomes upset and angry when faced with the details of how to deal with an animal’s corpse. Finally, the hunter reveals how an experience in Africa changed him and how his hunting paraphernalia is only a reminder of a lesson he learned himself and is now passing on. The sepia imagery perfectly fits the gentle storytelling style but also works well with the more startling images. Drouin’s use of the pinscreen is superb and ‘A Hunting Lesson’ glows with a reverence for all life that is so often missing in our current society.


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