758. Rockin’ & Rollin’ – Richard Jack, Daniel Greaves


SUMMARY: A locker room beneath a pool table becomes progressively more crowded as ‘players’ retire from the game.

WHY IT’S HERE: Richard Jack and Daniel Greaves’ ‘Rockin’ & Rollin” is a fun little short with the unusual premise of giving the viewer a glimpse of what happens to pool balls after they’ve been potted. A miniature version of a sports changing room awaits each ball as it is sunk, and each new arrival suggests its feelings at its exit from the game with amusing little movements and nudges. The muffled sound of the game progressing above makes for a very immersive experience as the viewer genuinely feels they are crammed inside the small space within a pool table. Wisely, the simple but effective premise is kept to the short runtime of four minutes, just long enough to charm the viewer with its originality but not so long that that joke gets old.


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