756. Intolerance II – Phil Mulloy


SUMMARY: The second part of the ‘Intolerance’ trilogy examines the thirty year infiltration of Earth by beings from the planet Zog and the one man, Dwight Hokum, who attempts to stand up against them.

WHY IT’S HERE: The second part of Phil Mulloy’s ‘Intolerance’ trilogy picks up where the first film left off, with the planets Earth and Zog planning to invade one other. The opening scene features a very funny moment in which the enormous armadas of both planets manage to fly right past each other because they are all indulging their particular sexual perversions. After this, we focus on the Zog invasion of Earth, with the Earth invasion of Zog left as a teaser for part III.

‘Intolerance II’ sees drunkard Dwight Hokum becoming the only man on Earth to realise that the planet has been infiltrated by Zogs who have bred excessively over the years and are now everywhere. Deemed a madman by humans and Zogs alike, Dwight responds by setting up his own church, ‘The Church of the Solitary Believer’. Fans of Mulloy’s work will definitely enjoy this second part of his excellent trilogy. It is filled with the sort of satirical bite one has come to expect from this director, with swipes at intolerance of all kinds as well as the absurdity of religious hypocrisy. Peppered with dirty jokes, most of which serve a satirical purpose and are not just the throwaway smut that Mulloy’s detractors suggest, ‘Intolerance II’ is another fine additions to the canon of an underrated animator.


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