752. The Cat With Hands – Robert Morgan


SUMMARY: A cat with human hands steals the body parts of those it comes across.

WHY IT’S HERE: Based on a recurring nightmare that his sister used to have as a child, Robert Morgan’s ‘The Cat with Hands’ is an effective if predictable little horror short about a creepy feline who thieves human body parts from its victims. Morgan switches between live action and skin-crawling stop motion to create his eerie, blackly comic tale. At just over three and a half minutes, ‘The Cat with Hands’ was a festival hit and became a cult internet film with a runtime short enough for people to give their friends a quick shock. Although it works effectively in this respect, ‘The Cat with Hands’ is more than just a cheap horror shocker. A lot of work has clearly gone into creating the nightmarish central figure and it is animated in unforgettable grim detail.


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