750. Give Up Your Aul Sins – Cathal Gaffney


SUMMARY: A child’s understanding of the story of John the Baptist.

WHY IT’S HERE: Cathal Gaffney’s ‘Give Up Your Aul Sins’ is based around a recording from the 1960s of a little Irish girl relating her version of the story of John the Baptist. It’s absolutely hilarious to listen to and director Gaffney has come up with some unforgettably sweet, appealing images to go with it. The character of the little girl is especially adorable, as we flit between images of her being interviewed in class and depictions of her off-kilter narration. Though I’m not a religious man myself and despise indoctrination, this short neither celebrates nor condemns and urges us to put aside religious debate and just enjoy the sound of children excited and happy to be on TV. ‘Give Up Yer Aul Sins’ was nominated for an Oscar and spawned a short series of animations based on similar recordings from the 60s of children telling their versions of Bible stories.


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