744. Gogwana – Sion Jones, Joe Turner, Michael Mort


SUMMARY: The Gogs, a family of cavepeople, are forced to move on from their home when it is destroyed by a T-Rex.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Gogs’ was a British series of short animations which followed the adventures of a group of ill-mannered cavepeople. The show ran for two series in the mid-90s, with episodes lasting about 5 minutes a piece. Although the series featured great animation, with the Claymation Gogs communicating mainly through body language as well as a series of grunts, groans, belches and farts, nothing in the original series suggested that these characters could sustain a half-hour special. Fortunately, though it retains its crude charms, ‘Gogwana’, the half-hour special made to complete the ‘Gogs’ saga, has a higher budget and better story than the very short animations that preceded it. The prehistoric environment is greatly enhanced here with more details and more inhabitants, including various dinosaurs and a tribe of threatening pygmy cannibals who act as the main antagonists. Amongst the bodily function gags there are great genre references and a genuine storyline which makes the most of the Gogs dysfunctional but touching family dynamic. Although it is fondly remembered by many, I was never a massive fan of the ‘Gogs’ series but ‘Gogwana’ provides a great ending to a saga that was sadly over just as it seemed to be getting off the ground.


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