741. The Suspect – Jose Miguel Ribeiro


SUMMARY: A passenger on a train begins to suspect he is sharing the carriage with a wanted murderer.

WHY IT’S HERE: Portuguese animator Jose Miguel Ribeiro’s ‘The Suspect’ is an absolutely brilliant stop motion short which presents a humorous suspense mystery in the space of 25 minutes. The film features a quartet of mismatched travelling companions in a train carriage: an uptight, antisocial man; a large, good-natured but clumsy woman; an attractive but snobbish lady and a rough and ready drifter. Spotting an article in his newspaper that seems to incriminate the drifter, the anti-social man attempts to investigate and alert his travelling companions without arousing suspicion. With great sets and wonderful characters, Ribeiro has created a genuinely gripping comedy that was highly acclaimed in Portugal but which is surprisingly little known outside of its native country.


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