740. The Man With the Beautiful Eyes – Jonathan Hodgson


SUMMARY: A group of young boys are fascinated by a house that their parents have forbidden them to go near and the man who lives inside it, whom they see only once.

WHY IT’S HERE: British animator Jonathan Hodgson’s superb adaptation of a Charles Bukowski poem, ‘The Man with the Beautiful Eyes’ uses the designs of illustrator Jonny Hannah to capture the viewpoint of childhood. Bukowski’s poem is superb, showing how the perspectives of adults and children differ and tapping into greater truths through the element of wisdom contained within youthful naivety. Hannah’s illustrations are wonderful, combining the unusual colour scheme of a child’s drawing with a muted palette that suggests darker implications. The visuals retain all the subtle ambiguity of Bukowski’s words, without attempting to elaborate on a perfect poem. ‘The Man with the Beautiful Eyes’ is a perfectly restrained, psychologically taut and artistically incisive piece of work to cherish.


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