739. Brother – Adam Elliot


SUMMARY: Adam Elliot’s memories of his older brother.

WHY IT’S HERE: The final film in Adam Elliot’s trilogy of family films which began with ‘Uncle’ and ‘Cousin’, ‘Brother’ is Elliot’s most autobiographical short and he has stated on many occasions that this is the case. As with ‘Uncle’ and ‘Cousin’, ‘Brother’ is humorous but dark, mixing childhood reminiscences with exploration of themes such as illness, alcoholism, bullying and death. Of the three family films, ‘Brother’ is the darkest and most tragic but Elliot taps in once more to a vein of joy in remembering his relationship with his brother and in many ways this is also the warmest film of the trilogy in its depiction of a close friendship between siblings. Elliot’s family trilogy clearly marked him out as a talent to watch and his subsequent work has been universally critically acclaimed.


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