732. Tuning the Instruments – Jerzy Kucia


SUMMARY: A morning routine and a journey from the city into the country is portrayed through detached, vague images and a cacophony of sound.

WHY IT’S HERE: Polish director Jerzy Kucia’s ‘Tuning the Instruments’ is a mesmerising film which mixes mundane images of daily life with kaleidoscopic abstraction to evoke a sense of living in the world rather than just a visual representation of what daily life looks like. The title ‘Tuning the Instruments’ seems to refer to the cacophony of sound which floods the soundtrack, from crackling bursts of radio transmission and the putt-putt of an engine to the bursts of discordant music from an orchestra, but also to the human instrument; the preparation of the body and mind for the day ahead. As the journey progresses, the music becomes more harmonious, although an unnerving sense of discord never leaves, with lilting piano offset by a high-pitched screech. ‘Tuning the Instruments’ is a film to be experienced rather than just observed and it certainly becomes more fascinating and relatable the more you watch it. For those with this inclination, there are ample rewards to reap.


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