730. Frank the Wrabbit – John Weldon


SUMMARY: Frank is an intelligent rabbit who lives among his feeble-minded kind and has differentiated himself by dubbing himself a ‘wrabbit’. While trying to protect his field of carrots, Frank accidentally finds himself elevated to a religious icon.

WHY IT’S HERE: John Weldon’s short satirical fable ‘Frank the Wrabbit’ is a wonderful example of the appropriation of a children’s book style to get across an adult message. The story is beautifully told, as the cocky Frank goes from contented wrabbit to religious icon in just a few easy steps. Frank is portrayed as rather self-important and deluded but it is the human characters who manage to hang so much significance on Frank because of one small, easily explained event, who are Weldon’s real targets. Although children may enjoy ‘Frank the Wrabbit’, it is by no means a children’s film, as a few potentially upsetting moments testify. But ultimately, this is a short that can be enjoyed by everyone who is well-prepared for what they are getting. That the name John Weldon is attached should be ample warning for anyone who has sampled the dark delights of ‘Special Delivery’ or ‘The Lump’.


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