725. At the Ends of the Earth – Konstantin Bronzit


SUMMARY: A house that teeters atop a mountain is constantly affected by the actions of its inhabitants.

WHY IT’S HERE: Russian animator Konstantin Bronzit’s ‘At the Ends of the Earth’ is a short animation with a very simple premise which manages to fill eight minutes by virtue of Bronzit’s great sense of comedic timing. The majority of the film is one shot of a house which teeters on the tip of a mountain and rocks backwards and forwards as its inhabitants perform their daily tasks. Among these inhabitants is a large cow which is practically the size of the house itself. The characters’ reactions and the silences between them are what makes the film so amusing and Bronzit manages to stretch the material about as far as it can plausibly go. Events occur at exactly the right moments to elicit the biggest laughs possible. ‘At the Ends of the Earth’ is ultimately a very tight little short in which everything is worked out minutely and yet it exudes a loose, comedy charm that never makes it seem overworked.


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