721. When the Day Breaks – Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis


SUMMARY: A moment of urban tragedy causes a pig to consider the interconnectedness at the heart of city living.

WHY IT’S HERE: Canadian duo Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis’s amazing ‘When the Day Breaks’, a rivetingly unusual piece about interconnected lives. It stars a cast of anthropomorphic animals and opens like a sweet but artistically sumptuous little family tale. However, the plot takes a deeply unexpected, dark turn which sends the short into unexpected philosophical territory and pushes it into greatness. Anyone hoping for a straightforward plot will likely be disappointed with ‘When the Day Breaks’ and the use of anthropomorphic animals probably caused these expectations to confound many. But there is an evening’s worth of discussion to be had from this wonderful film, both from a philosophical point of view and about the astonishing painterly artwork which is quite unlike the average animated film. ‘When the Day Breaks’ is a masterpiece then, but a challenging one for those who want food for thought as well as for their eyes.


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