718. 3 Misses – Paul Driessen


SUMMARY: Three damsels in distress await their knights in shining armour: a woman who has fallen off a building, a woman who has been tied to a train track and a fairy princess about to be given a poisoned apple.

WHY IT’S HERE: Paul Driessen’s terrific ‘3 Misses’ is one of the director’s funniest films. The short is divided into 3 sections involving a different damsel in distress in each case. An modern day urban story sees a woman fall off a skyscraper while a man battles the perils of the city to try and save her. In the Old West, a cowboy tries to get to a woman tied to a train track before the next train passes through. And in a fairy tale kingdom, the seven dwarves rush to prevent Snow White from eating a poisoned apple, although they must contend with interruptions from various other fairy tale characters and an ever-dwindling supply of dwarves. Across these three stories, Driessen presents us with a series of cracking jokes and running gags, even having his three worlds occasionally and inexplicably coincide. The animation is positively alive with energy and the final punchline is absolutely brilliant.


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