716. Huset pa Kampen – Pjotr Sapegin


SUMMARY: A man moves into a house only to find it is inhabited by a very large rat who is impossible to get rid of.

WHY IT’S HERE: Russian animator Pjotr Sapegin’s ‘Huset pa Kampen’ is a funny, strange and delightful little story about a man’s quest to remove a large rat from his home. He tries poison, traps and even a cat but the rat mistakes his attempts to kill it for romantic courtship. Animated in fluid Claymation, ‘Huset pa Kampen’ is an oddity whose target audience is unclear. It is a little like a warped fairy story but there is an extremely brief moment in the opening of the film which suggests that this was not meant for a young audience, as two bugs frantically copulate. Whoever it was meant for however, ‘Huset pa Kampen’ seems to be a film with the capacity to charm just about any audience, even if it may also raise a few eyebrows as it does so.


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