714. More – Mark Osborne


SUMMARY: An inventor attempts to break away from the drudgery of daily life by coming up with a miracle product, but he finds little relief in the subsequent changes the invention brings to his life.

WHY IT’S HERE: Mark Osborne’s stop-motion ‘More’, in which an inventor in a cold, colourless world invents a miracle product but finds that his success changes him in a vital way, instantly became one of the most popular animated shorts of all time, for a long while holding the top spot of IMDB’s greatest animated shorts. It’s a phenomenally atmospheric, moving and haunting piece of work and, retrospectively, most people have agreed that it should have won the award for 1998 instead of Chris Wedge’s ‘Bunny’. Packing a profound little plot into just six minutes, ‘More’ is visually appealing even as its downbeat story heads towards its numbing conclusion with a chilling inevitability. The success of ‘More’ gave Osborne’s career in animation a leg-up and he went on to co-direct Dreamworks’ ‘Kung Fu Panda’, one of the best films the studio has made so far.


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