703. Redux Riding Hood – Steve Moore


SUMMARY: Haunted by his failure to capture Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf is convinced he has learned from his mistakes and could make a better stab at it if he only had another chance. So he builds a time machine.

WHY IT’S HERE: Disney’s ‘Redux Riding Hood’ is an atypical Disney cartoon which breaks with the style and tone most readily associated with the studio. An anarchically animated, dryly humourous short about a wolf’s obsession with his inability to catch Red Riding Hood, ‘Redux Riding Hood’ has a great voice cast including Mia Farrow, Michael Richards and Adam West. It’s scathing wit and darker tone are a precursor to Disney’s underrated 2000 feature ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’. This tone was the result of Disney hiring sitcom veteran Dan O’Shannon to create a short series of adult-oriented rewrites of fairy stories due to be called ‘Totally Twisted Fairy Tales’. Ultimately, the series never got any further than this one short but what a great short it is, throwing out the Disney rulebook and retelling a classic story with added Sci-Fi elements and the inspired lunatic idea of having the Big Bad Wolf be married to a sheep! Perhaps due to its un-Disney like tone, the studio have kept the short buried since its release despite the fact that it was Oscar nominated.


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