702. Geri’s Game – Jan Pinkava


SUMMARY: An elderly man plays against himself at chess for a very important prize.

WHY IT’S HERE: The first Pixar short for eight years, ‘Geri’s Game’ was an important short for the studio. Although they made several important and popular shorts in the 80s, they had since been put on hold to focus on development of ground-breaking feature films ‘Toy Story’ and ‘A Bug’s Life’. ‘Geri’s Game’ was the first Pixar film of any kind to have a human main character. The titular Geri is a wonderful creation, with a deeply expressive face and a playful nature visible in his every movement as he plays himself at chess. ‘Geri’s Game’ was instrumental in rejuvenating the Pixar short and making it a regular accompaniment to the studio’s feature films, a tradition that was cemented by the even more popular ‘For The Birds’ a few years later. Pixar tipped their hat to Geri’s importance when he reappeared in a cameo role as a toy restorer in ‘Toy Story 2’.


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