701. Rubicon – Gil Alkabetz


SUMMARY: An extended, ludicrous solution to the old puzzle of how to transport a wolf, sheep and cabbage across a river without them eating each other.

WHY IT’S HERE: Israeli director Gil Alkabetz’s ‘Rubicon’ is a hysterically funny take on that old wolf, sheep and cabbage puzzle that is lazily pulled out at pretty much every motivational team-building seminar. It’s a simple puzzle which most people crack in a matter of seconds but Alkabetz has thought outside the box, outside the boat and outside the reach of the average person’s imagination! In his extended and questionable solution to the puzzle, the point of the exercise is quickly lost as Alkabetz works his way through every combination he can think of and then begins to turn things on their head as the characters exchange clothes, position, species and eventually degenerate into pieces of floating matter. An absolutely brilliant little surrealist satire, ‘Rubicon’ challenges the viewer to guess what’s coming next and then confounds them at every turn. This should be shown at every team-building seminar from now on!


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