694. How to Make Love to a Woman – Bill Plympton


SUMMARY: An animated guide to choosing, seducing and finally making love to a woman.

WHY IT’S HERE: Another of Bill Plympton’s spoof instructional shorts, ‘How to Make Love to a Woman’ builds on his earlier short on kissing, taking things to a more explicit place. As Plympton’s reputation as an animator grew, the sexual content of his films also began to increase. In some cases, this resulted in very funny satires on the ludicrousness of human sexuality, while at other times it just felt gratuitous (for examples of both extremes, see Plympton’s brilliant feature film ‘I Married a Strange Person’ and the abysmally over-the-top follow-up feature ‘Mutant Aliens’). In the case of ‘How to Make Love to a Woman’, Plympton is having some obvious fun with the strangeness and joys and sex, as his characters shape-shift and contort in the name of pleasure. Daniel Kaufman’s high-toned narration is memorably creepy in its initially detached but eventually exalting delivery. This short was subsequently incorporated into Plympton’s full-length feature ‘I Married a Strange Person’, a brilliant film which features many more inventively dirty scenes of animated intercourse.


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