693. Season’s Greetings – Michael Dougherty


SUMMARY: Sam, a small trick-or-treater to whom Halloween is of the utmost importance, encounters a shadowy figure in a dark alleyway.

WHY IT’S HERE: Horror director Michael Dougherty made the short animation ‘Season’s Greetings’ as a student film and a precursor to his 2007 live-action film ‘Trick ‘r Treat’. ‘Season’s Greetings’ introduces Sam, a little trick-or-treater who takes Halloween very seriously and who featured throughout ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ as an attempt to create an official mascot for the holiday. Dougherty introduces the character as a deceptively cute little kid but across the short’s four minutes it quickly becomes apparent that there is something a little unusual about this particular Halloween visitor. Animated with a charming simplicity, ‘Season’s Greetings’ has become a cult hit thanks to the cult success of its live-action successor.


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