690. La Salla – Richard Condie


SUMMARY: A man who lives in a self-contained world is tempted to peek outside, with disastrous results.

WHY IT’S HERE: Richard Condie’s ‘La Salla’ is a very acquired taste, perhaps more so than any other Condie film outside of ‘The Apprentice’. Working with CGI instead of the hand-drawn animation he became known for, Condie has created a hysterically funny take on opera, in which the main character sings a ludicrous libretto written by Condie, translated into Italian and performed by the brilliant Jay Brazeau. ‘La Salla’ takes place in just one room in which a character (computer generated but very similar to Condie’s handdrawn characters from earlier shorts like ‘The Big Snit’) has all he needs but is nevertheless tempted to peek at the outside world, with disastrous results. The subtitles for the libretto are absolutely hilarious, parodying awkward translations and keeping you guessing as to what will be said (or sung) next. ‘La Salla’ is a divisive short as viewers tend to find it either gut-bustingly hilarious or utterly perplexing. I am very much in the former camp and was delighted to see the film nominated for an Oscar, even though it lost to Tyron Montgomery’s curiously ponderous ‘Quest’.


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