681. Stressed – Karen Kelly


SUMMARY: A day in the life of the inhabitants of a tenement building, examining the stressfulness of city life and how it affects their behaviour towards others.

WHY IT’S HERE: Karen Kelly’s extraordinary ‘Stressed’ is one of the most evocative and memorable depictions of stress that I have ever seen. Focusing on a handful of people living in a tenement building, ‘Stressed’ shows how they struggle to cope with the strains of city life, tipped over the edge by the slightest thing. With its astonishingly visceral animation style, ‘Stressed’ uses a variety of techniques to depict the overwhelming feeling of stress, contrasting it with a serene vision of what life could be like if we could keep things in proportion. Managing to remain resolutely unpreachy, ‘Stressed’ certainly feels like the work of someone who is no stranger to stress themselves, so vivid is the representation. In just 6 short minutes, Kelly conjures up the feelings associated with stress so completely that it is almost stressful to watch!


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