680. Runaway Brain – Chris Bailey


SUMMARY: In an attempt to raise money for an anniversary trip to Hawaii, Mickey Mouse applies to work for mad scientist Dr. Frankenollie. As a result, he ends up switching brains with a feral brute named Julius.

WHY IT’S HERE: After his theatrical comeback in ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’, Mickey Mouse has made intermittent returns to the silver screen. 1995’s ‘Runaway Brain’ remains one of the most bizarre and ambitious of these films. Unlike the featurettes ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’ and ‘The Prince and the Pauper’, ‘Runaway Brain’ sticks to the classic cartoon runtime of 7 minutes and tells the story of a brain swap operation that turns Mickey into a rampaging, snarling and lust-crazed beast. Although ‘Runaway Brain’ received a controversial response due to its perceived nightmarish qualities, it is in fact a very funny film that should amuse children who are familiar with the tropes of monster movies. The design of the feral Mickey is one of the coolest creations Disney have ever come up with and the film is also crammed with loads of great inside jokes for animation buffs. Although it modernises its classic characters in several ways, ‘Runaway Brain’ also feels like a throwback to the spooky cartoons of Mickey’s early days like ‘The Mad Doctor’ and ‘The Haunted House’. Although it was nominated for an Oscar, ‘Runaway Brain’ was also Mickey’s last appearance on the big screen for the next 18 years, a cinematic silence finally broken by the brilliant short ‘Get a Horse!’


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