674. Pib and Pog – Peter Peake


SUMMARY: Pib and Pog are two characters on a pre-school TV show but their antics are distinctly more violent than you’d expect.

WHY IT’S HERE: Peter Peake’s ‘Pib and Pog’, a cult animation for Aardman, is a wonderfully funny little film in which two characters on a pre-school TV show wage an ongoing war which escalates as their attacks on each other quickly become more and more violent. The simple idea is kept fresh throughout the six minute runtime by the sheer audacity of the premise and by the priceless reactions of Joanna Wake as the unseen narrator, who captures the patronising mannerisms of bad children’s shows perfectly. A final twist at the end of the film turns into something of a double bluff, ending a hilarious film on an appropriately big laugh. Pib and Pog were popular enough to briefly star in their own series of adverts for Dairylea, followed by a revival in 2006 for a short series of distinctly adult films, particularly ‘Daddy’s Study’, in which the pair find a pornographic DVD!


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