673. A Close Shave – Nick Park


SUMMARY: Wallace and Gromit’s window-cleaning service inadvertently draws them into a dastardly plot involving sheep rustlers, dog food and a small sheep called Shaun.

WHY IT’S HERE: While the third Wallace and Gromit film fails to improve on their second outing, ‘The Wrong Trousers’ (few things could), it comes about as close as imaginable. Nick Park has pulled out all the stops to create a truly show-stopping short film and he was rewarded for his efforts with another Oscar. While ‘The Wrong Trousers’ was a deft, detailed Film Noir parody, ‘A Close Shave’ tackles the Caper film. Again, Park packs more plot and inspired set pieces into half an hour than should feasibly be possible. Featuring another intricate plot culminating in an exciting action set piece, ‘A Close Shave’ not only cemented Wallace and Gromit’s place in the nation’s hearts but also introduced a new character who would go on to stardom in his own right. The little sheep, Shaun, would eventually be given his own acclaimed series and feature film, making him Aardman’s most successful character yet, even if ‘Wallace and Gromit’ will always hold the title of most iconic.


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