672. Psyche and Eros – Alison De Vere


SUMMARY: The Greek legend of Psyche, a woman so beautiful that she ignited the jealousy of goddess Aphrodite, and Aphrodite’s son Eros who was sent to kill her but fell for her instead.

WHY IT’S HERE: Alison De Vere’s ‘Psyche and Eros’ is a visually beautiful retelling of the Greek myth which silently tells the tale across twenty-five minutes. Based on drawings by her then-husband, German painter Karl Weschke, ‘Psyche and Eros’ is animated with the obvious passion and love for the medium that is evident in all of De Vere’s work. While it is an excellent piece of work and is often celebrated as one of her most visually rich films, in some ways it is a disappointment to see De Vere adapting a classic instead of building on her own exquisite ideas which gave us such classics as ‘Café Bar’ and ‘The Black Dog’. But for those like myself who find Greek mythology fascinating, ‘Psyche and Eros’ is a superb animation and well worth twenty-five minutes of your time.


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