670. The Dirdy Birdy – John R. Dilworth


SUMMARY: A bird falls in love with a cat but his love manifests itself as a perpetual desire to expose his buttocks to her.

WHY IT’S HERE: An early short by John R. Dilworth, creator of the popular Cartoon Network show ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’, ‘The Dirdy Birdy’ is a ludicrously silly and hysterically funny short that became a big cult hit. The premise, in which a bird repeatedly exposes his buttocks to a cat, is simple and repetitive and therein lies the humour. The numerous exposures are all accompanied by an annoyingly catchy little tune which starts the moment the bird’s buttocks appear and ends abruptly each time the cat violently disposes of it. Aside from the great comedy timing, Dilworth also shows a knack for character, with the wearily irritable cat particularly shining as a representation of subjects of unrequited love. At just over seven minutes, ‘The Dirdy Birdy’ is just about the right length to not overstay its welcome while also wringing the maximum number of laughs out of its premise.


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