667. Nose Hair – Bill Plympton


SUMMARY: A man plucks out a nose hair, which then becomes hell-bent on getting back in his nose.

WHY IT’S HERE: Bill Plympton’s ‘Nose Hair’ is a very strange film indeed. It begins with a moment of typical grotesquery, a wince-inducing plucking of a rogue nose hair. Once the hair has been plucked, it makes a couple of attempts to get back in the man’s nostril but fails. The nose hair then effectively becomes the man’s world, creating simple line drawings all around him with which he interacts. While the premise is at first hard to pin down, the animation quickly becomes ingenious, with several shifting perspectives that are reminiscent of the work of Raimund Krumme. Throughout there are many typical Plympton gags and by the end ‘Nose Hair’ has somehow convinced the viewer of its logic. This is a film to watch and rewatch, as there is so much in it that is unexpected and yet it consistently entertains.


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