663. The Monk and the Fish – Michael Dudok de Wit


SUMMARY: A monk becomes obsessed with catching an elusive fish but his escalating attempts to do so ultimately lead to a spiritual revelation.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘The Monk and the Fish’ is a beautiful little short by the superb Michael Dudok de Wit. A captivatingly enigmatic and appealingly humorous film, ‘The Monk and the Fish’ follows a monk in his escalating attempts to catch a fish, which leads to the two becoming spiritually intertwined. It’s an amazing film, characterised by Dudok de Wit’s distinctive style and character design that will be familiar to fans of his earlier film ‘Tom Sweep’. Unlike that amusing short however, ‘The Monk and the Fish’ has a meditative side in which a potential fight to the death ultimately becomes a journey of self-realisation and hunter and prey become dancers in perfect harmony.


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