655. The Village – Mark Baker


SUMMARY: A single decent man finds himself the outcast in a village filled with wicked inhabitants.

WHY IT’S HERE: Mark Baker’s ‘The Village’ continues in the style of his brilliant earlier nominee ‘The Hill Farm’, only with a stronger narrative and larger cast of characters. A look at a small village and its rather nasty inhabitants, ‘The Village’ features Baker’s trademark attention to small details and his crude but effective character designs. It tells a brilliant story of a village of hypocrites, drunkards, bullies, gossips and thieves, from which one man is ostracized for his very decency. Through its distinctive, appealing style and superb storytelling, ‘The Village’ got Baker his second Oscar nomination and managed to improve on his earlier classic ‘The Hill Farm’. The way its intricate plot unfolds gives it the feeling of a classic novel.


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