641. The Lump – John Weldon


SUMMARY: A short, ugly man named George is reviled by the world until he grows a handsome lump on top of his head which he pretends is his real head.

WHY IT’S HERE: John Weldon’s ‘The Lump’ is a tongue-in-cheek satire on a society’s shallow tendencies. It follows the story of George, a short, ugly man who everyone hates. His mother even ‘cheats’ on him with another child! Tired of his cruel existence, George is given a chance at happiness when a lump grows on his head that resembles an attractive face. By tucking his own head into his jacket, George fools the world into thinking he is tall and handsome and is rewarded by popularity and, ultimately, political power. But his naivety allows him to be manipulated by his political peers. Set to a jaunty little song by Weldon, ‘The Lump’ balances its satire with a generous helping of fun. The visual style is wilfully ugly (in keeping with the theme), presenting its characters as awkward 2D stop-motion figures ripped out of magazines, with George’s attractive head represented by Michelangelo’s David! The style works though and creates an unpleasant but comic world whose visual simplicity mirrors the simplicity of its values.


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