637. Plymptoons – Bill Plympton


SUMMARY: A series of unrelated animated jokes.

WHY IT’S HERE: Bill Plympton’s ‘Plymptoons’ (a phrase that would soon be adopted to refer to all Plympton’s animated work) is a sort of animated sketch show. It features a series of jokes which are totally unrelated and each of which last about 5-10 seconds. Plympton crams a lot of hilarious moments into a six minute timeframe, as he had with the previous ’25 Ways to Quit Smoking’, but while that short had a theme, ‘Plymptoons’ reeks of a bunch of ideas that Plympton couldn’t find use for anywhere else, flung together as a film in their own right. Still, when the jokes are this funny and unexpected, a cohesive structure is not missed and ‘Plymptoons’ emerges as one of Plympton’s most frequently rewatchable films, simply because there is so much going on that you never remember every single moment and because there is no logical progression, you never know what’s coming next.


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