630. Blackfly – Christopher Hinton


SUMMARY: A surveyor who is new to North Ontario encounters the troublesome black flies whichever way he turns.

WHY IT’S HERE: Chris Hinton’s National Film Board of Canada short ‘Blackfly’ is a little known short that I absolutely love and which bagged Hinton his first of two Oscar nominations. Set to classic Canadian folk tune ‘The Black Fly Song’ by Wade Hemsworth, Hinton’s film wittily charts Hemsworth’s time working in North Ontario where he was constantly plagued by the insects of the title. Unlike the loose scribbles of Hinton’s later independent work, ‘Blackfly’ has an appealingly cartoony look which recalls the classic shorts of Richard Condie and Cordell Baker. The images, which are hilarious, are perfectly married up with the infectiously catchy folk tune to create a wonderful animated music video which I always end up watching at least three times in a tow every time I put it on. It’s a simple but unbelievably enjoyable cartoon that I just can’t get enough of.


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