626. Deadsy – David Anderson


SUMMARY: A sadistic weapons-obsessive turns his passions on his own body when he decides to have a sex change operation.

WHY IT’S HERE: Using a combination of live action, xerography, hand-rendering, laser xerography and model animation, ‘Deadsy’ is the second of David Anderson’s collaborations with writer Russell Hoban. Although it is more difficult to get a handle on than their other collaboration ‘Door’, ‘Deadsy’ is also more ambitious and disturbing. The mood is pitched somewhere between the ominously spooky and smirkingly jocular, as the title character’s obsession with weaponry develops into a fixation on sexual organs, ultimately leading him to have a sex change. Unlike any other animated short you’ve seen (even ‘Door’), ‘Deadsy’ thrives on Hoban’s cleverly twisted script and laid-back narration that sounds like the bastard child of Allen Ginsberg and Staley Unwin!


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