621. Grasshoppers – Bruno Bozzetto


SUMMARY: While human beings do battle down the ages, the peaceful grasshoppers continue to go about their daily lives.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Grasshoppers’ saw a long overdue Oscar nomination for the wonderful Bruno Bozzetto and, while many of his previous films were more than worthy of consideration, ‘Grasshoppers’ remains one of his most perfect satires, a beautiful, funny, angry and sad film. Typically astute in its examination of human history and the domination of warfare which has destroyed civilisations, ‘Grasshoppers’ is less heavy-handed than some of Bozzetto’s more on-the-nose films like ‘Big Bang. It presents various scenes of destructive battles, interspersed with the tranquil image of the grasshoppers in the long grass. It’s a lovely short which sadly arrived in a year with very strong competition, as the other two nominees were both by Nick Park and remain two of the most famous animated shorts out there today.


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