617. Roller Coaster Rabbit – Rob Minkoff


SUMMARY: When Baby Herman chases his lost balloon at a fairground, Roger Rabbit must rescue him from a ludicrously extreme roller coaster ride.

WHY IT’S HERE: Released to accompany the live-action ‘Dick Tracy’, ‘Roller Coaster Rabbit’ was the second and best of the trio of Roger Rabbit shorts released in the wake of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s success. Once again relying on frantic pacing, ‘Roller Coaster Rabbit’ sees Roger pursuing the escaped Baby Herman around a dangerous fairground. Unlike the two other Roger shorts, ‘Roller Coaster Rabbit’ was slapped with a PG rating which is usually attributed to a scene in which Baby Herman grabs a bull’s scrotum believing it to be his balloon. Far more likely a reason for the PG rating however is an oft-unacknowledged post-credits gag which still seems astonishingly filthy to this day. In a live action sequence in which Baby Herman has reverted to the cartoon actor with a “50 year old lust and a 3 year old dinky” from the original movie, he bursts a balloon held by a woman and, when she is startled, ask her “Whatsa matter Toots? Afraid of a little… bang?!”


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