615. Wolnosc Nogi – Piotr Dumala


SUMMARY: A man’s individual body parts live their own lives while he is sleeping, returning to him each morning. But one morning one of his legs decides it wants its independence.

WHY IT’S HERE: Polish director Pitor Dumala’s work is beautifully rendered by scratching images into painted plaster, a technique he discovered while training to be a sculptor. The images Dumala creates are wonderfully detailed while retaining a sketch like simplicity at the same time. In the brilliant ‘Wolnosc Nogi’, Dumala tells the story of a man who deconstructs while sleeping, allowing his individual limbs, torso and head to roam freely during the night. The body parts become their own beasts, with the man’s head animalistically consuming his own pet bird, whose skeleton he sadly regards in the morning. But on getting out of bed, the man discovers that one leg has failed to return to him and a frantic chance through the city ensues. The final image is surprisingly poetic, recasting a seemingly grotesque film in a whole different light. ‘Wolnosc Nogi’ is well worth seeing several times, as the first time round it takes a while to get a handle on the story. But ultimately this quietly surrealist short is a beautiful piece of work.


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