605. Tummy Trouble – Rob Minkoff


SUMMARY: When Baby Herman swallows his rattle, Roger Rabbit takes him to the hospital where all hell breaks loose.

WHY IT’S HERE: Following the success of Robert Zemeckis’s ingenious classic ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’, a series of Roger Rabbit shorts were made to accompany the screenings of several big films. After the successful opening scenes of the original movie (in which Roger and Baby Herman appear in their own cartoon which is abruptly brought into the real world when Roger “blows his lines”) confirmed Roger’s potential as a cartoon star in his own right, the idea seemed like a promising one but ultimately the frantic nature of the shorts were a tad too high-octane to sustain and the series was cancelled mid-way through production of its fourth short. For a short while, however, the Roger and Herman formula worked well and the trio of short films it produced are interesting curios filled with the same tips of the hat to classic animation that littered the original movie. ‘Tummy Trouble’ was released in cinemas as an opener for ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ and helped keep interest in the Roger Rabbit character going for a few more years. Future ‘Lion King’ director Rob Minkoff does a good job in the director’s chair and the references to the film, including a live action closing sequence and the return of the original voice cast, all helped make ‘Tummy Trouble’ a higher quality production than the throwaway afterthought it could have been.


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