598. Mister Tao – Bruno Bozzetto


SUMMARY: A serene hiker persists on his seemingly never-ending uphill quest.

WHY IT’S HERE: In just three minutes, Bruno Bozzetto’s ‘Mister Tao’ poses a whole evening’s worth of philosophical talking points. We see the title character climbing a large hill. After a short break at the top, he continues climbing into the sky, with nothing under his feet to support him. On a cloud, God welcomes him with open arms but, after a short gibberish discussion, Mister Tao continues upwards on his journey, a shock that brings God himself to his knees. Something of a departure for Bozzetto, ‘Mister Tao’ is a remarkable short which asks questions about human nature, religion and whether we can ever really reach the end of our journeys, either physically or metaphorically.


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