595. Technological Threat – Bill Kroyer


SUMMARY: A group of cartoonist wolves are threatened in their work by the arrival of robot artists.

WHY IT’S HERE: American animator Bill Kroyer’s ‘Technological Threat’, like the Mel Brooks-penned 60s Oscar winner ‘The Critic’, is a comment on the direction animation was taking at the time. With Pixar making a huge impact on the industry, Kroyer stages a traditional vs. computer animation battle between a series of hand-drawn wolves and a dog (which resemble Tex Avery characters) and the computer animated robots that are threatening to replace them. It’s a clever allegory but the ending, which looks like it will perceptively predict that computer and traditional animation can work side-by-side, disappointingly cops out with a conservative final twist in which hand drawn animation emerges victorious. This is especially odd since Kroyer came from a computer animation background himself, as one of the main animators on the CGI sequences of ‘Tron’.


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