591. Face Like a Frog – Sally Cruikshank


SUMMARY: A frog enters a haunted house to try and break the hex on it but becomes assimilated into its weird world.

WHY IT’S HERE: Fans of Sally Cruikshank’s legendary ‘Quasi at the Quackadero’ may not have believed that she could ever make a cartoon as strange again but with ‘Face Like a Frog’ she out-weirded her own masterpiece. This hilarious, terrifyingly busy short has no real plot, other than an unwitting frog’s descent into a dreamlike unreality, but it is so alive with constant throbbing activity and little details that it demands to be watched and rewatched. Betraying obvious influences of the Fleischer brothers, ‘Face Like a Frog’ features a soundtrack by cult band Oingo Boingo, whose show-stopping Cab Calloway-esque ‘Don’t Go in the Basement’ is ‘Face Like a Frog’s musical highlight.


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