590. How to Kiss – Bill Plympton


SUMMARY: An instructional short on various kissing techniques.

WHY IT’S HERE: Following the creepy contortions of ‘Your Face’, Bill Plympton’s ‘How to Kiss’ takes things even further with a hilarious, often stomach-turning spoof on instructional videos. A narrator blandly talks us through kissing techniques as they are demonstrated graphically by an animated couple. Needless to say, given that this is Bill Plympton, tongues are ravelled up, saliva fills the screen, chunks of face are bitten off and necks extend and wrap around each other. Particularly gross given the intimacy of the act being depicted, ‘How to Kiss’ is also Plympton’s funniest short up to this point and its success surely gave him the confidence to continue pushing the boundaries of taste even further!


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