582. Baeus – Bruno Bozzetto


SUMMARY: A bug falls in love with a human woman and, when her husband walks out on her, he decides to take a chance on love.

WHY IT’S HERE: Bruno Bozzetto’s ‘Baeus’ was one of the first shorts I saw by the Italian director and, along with the Mr. Rossi films, led to my life-long love of his work. Still a fabulous piece of work, ‘Baeus’ tells the very funny and oddly touching fairy story of a bug in love with a woman, who uses magic to transform himself. But the path to true love is not as easy as he hoped. Brilliantly plotted and executed with Bozzetto’s usual impeccable comic timing, ‘Baeus’ is one of the director’s most instantly lovable shorts and a film I will readily recommend to anyone and everyone.


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