581. Lupo the Butcher – Danny Antonucci


SUMMARY: An angry, foul-mouthed butcher curses and complains as he chops up meat. But when her accidentally cuts off his own thumb, it’s the beginning of a downwards spiral.

WHY IT’S HERE: Danny Antonucci created ‘Lupo the Butcher’ with the intention of demonstrating that animation was not just for children. This three minute short certainly does that! Produced by Marv Newland’s International Rocketship Productions and borrowing more than a little of Newland’s anarchic tendencies, ‘Lupo the Butcher’ is three minutes of swearing and violence, as the title character hacks off his thumb and ultimately pulls himself to pieces in frustration, his severed head leaping through the iris-out to complain all the way through the credits. This sort of anarchic animation was becoming popular in the late 80s and ‘Lupo the Butcher would prove to be a very influential short for many 90s animators. Ironically, Antonucci would eventually feel confined by this more adult approach to animation, which lead him to create the popular Cartoon Network children’s series ‘Ed, Edd and Eddy’.


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