575. Luxo Jr. – John Lasseter


SUMMARY: A standard lamp watches over its baby as it plays with a ball.

WHY IT’S HERE: It’s still unbelievable to most animation fans that the weird and rather dull ‘A Greek Tragedy’ beat the groundbreaking first film from Pixar, ‘Luxo Jr.’ to the Oscar. You’ll all know ‘Luxo Jr.’, so iconic is that little lamp since it became the Pixar logo. This is the short that set Pixar on the road to becoming, for a time, the most intelligent and consistent producer of animated films in the Western world. And, aside from all that, it’s still an entertaining short in its utter simplicity. The charm that has made Pixar so popular is evident right from the off. ‘Luxo Jr.’ is almost as big a landmark as ‘Steamboat Willie’, ‘A Wild Hare’ or ‘Puss Gets the Boot’. That it didn’t win the Oscar is a joke. That it lost it to ‘A Greek Tragedy’ is a sin!


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