573. Rope Dance – Raimund Krumme


SUMMARY: Two men take part in a strange tug of war.

WHY IT’S HERE: German director Raimund Krumme is fascinated with perspectives and in ‘Rope Dance’, his first short as director, he plays with it brilliantly and hypnotically. The entirety of ‘Rope Dance’s nearly ten minute runtime is made up of two figures in a square playing with a rope. What makes it so interesting is the shifting perspective as they move around, through and into the square, constantly changing the view we have of it. Is it a charcoal etching on a floor, a hollow shape they can step through or a pit into which they can fall? The answer seems to be all and none of the above. Krumme would revisit the theme of perspectives more successfully in his next short, ‘Crossroads’, but ‘Rope Dance’ is a great debut which sets out the themes on which he would go on to elaborate.


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