569. 78 Tours – Georges Schwizgebel


SUMMARY: The circular nature of life is explored through a man’s memories as he listens to an accordion waltz on the radio.

WHY IT’S HERE: Swiss animator Georges Schwizgebel’s ’78 Tours’ is a beautiful short film which examines a man’s life through the motif of circles and rotation. ’78 Tours’ is constantly in motion, whether it be a child’s roundabout, a swirling cup of coffee or the rotating movements of a waltzing couple. Schwizgebel’s exquisite, painterly images are perfectly married to the music and move fluidly like memories as a pensive man lets his remembrances flow freely. The final, quiet image gives ’78 Tours’ a melancholic feel but the short is so alive throughout that it acts only as a last minute contrast between dreams, memories and reality. The staircase the man descends at the end of the film still goes around and around like the images in his mind, but crucially it is more angular, closer to a square than a circle. Herein lies the difference between the two states explored in the film.


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