568. Get a Job – Brad Caslor


SUMMARY: Bob Dog struggles with the trials and tribulations of unemployment.

WHY IT’S HERE: Canadian animator Brad Caslor’s brilliant ‘Get a Job’ began life as an educational film on how to find employment. There are remnants of this still evident in the film but, for the better, humour took over as the main thrust behind ‘Get a Job’ and ultimately it emerges as a satirical, hilarious and ultimately quite cynical look at unemployment. Having been unemployed on several occasions, ‘Get a Job’ strikes a chord with me and Caslor looks at the experience from all angles, including the over-zealous advice you receive, the fluctuation between being disproportionately dejected and undeservedly over-confident and the fear of being labelled a ‘bum’ by those around you. Caslor’s animation style and character design is a direct tribute to the greats like Tex Avery and Bob Clampett, while ‘Get a Job’ also offers a jukebox-worth of music, including a rendition of the title track made famous by the Silhouettes, and tributes to Doo-Wop, Elvis Presley and the Andrews Sisters.


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