565. Drawing Lesson #2 – Bill Plympton


SUMMARY: The Magic Line, the animated host of an instructional video on drawing, breaks down mid-lesson and relates the story of his great lost love.

WHY IT’S HERE: Bill Plympton’s ‘Drawing Lesson #2’ is a very funny and inventive short which spoofs cheesy instructional videos. The Magic Line is a dark line which instructs viewers how to draw by creating shapes on a white background. The short begins like an instructional video but the line begins to make mistakes, apologising and claiming he had a rough night last night. As the shapes on the paper begin to remind him of his estranged wife, the line starts to relate his story, drawing the images for us as he goes. Plympton was experimenting with different techniques here and ‘Drawing Lesson #2’ is largely drawn under camera but also incorporates elements of live action. A creative step forward, ‘Drawing Lesson #2’ shows the effectiveness that a talented director can imbue into very simple animation.


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